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Outdoor Catering Best For Parties – Only with Feasta !

Featsa is a Chennai based catering service and is known for their wide range of catering options which could attend to all possible needs. They basically are known for their outdoor services yet still do a fantastic job for an indoor event as well.

They are a part of the dine-in restaurants like Cloud 9 and US 101 and now have also taken up catering services. The arrangement done by Feasta is organized, well-thought of, neat and clean. They have good service too. They do  catering services for events like Corporate parties, or birthday parties, formal events or even get-togethers with families and more.

Variety Of Options

The food is your choice alone, and they have a delicious menu with a variety of options. The food is fresh and hygienic and tasty as well. They also supply drinking water. The entire event is put together well, and it is managed properly. You can be assured of no shortage of both food and drinks.

You can contact them through their online Facebook page where they have mentioned their phone number or just write to them at their email-ID.

Feasta is definitely a great help for all your events and parties, and they do a satisfactory job with an amazing value for your money!

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