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Packed Meal Now Trending With Feasta


If you have spent a good amount of time living in the city, you must have realized the difficulty of finding quality food. There are many delicious outlets around, but constantly eating from these outlets may render your health in bad shape.

The healthy options are either too costly or too bland for daily eating. It is even more difficult when you have to entertain a number of guests and ensure quality food at your events.

Feasta is your one stop solution

Considering the busy lifestyle of the city, Feasta has come out with ready to eat meals. These meals are packed with high nutrition food and do not compromise on taste either.

Prepared by top chefs in the town Feasta believes in providing quality food through quality ingredients. The health conscious and the taste conscious will both love it equally.

The food will be delivered to your doorstep. If you are planning for events, Feasta has got you covered there also. You can share your cuisine ideas or preferences – like pure vegetarian, or Italian – to the team and they will plan a menu fitting your requirements. Spanning corporate events and simple house parties? Leave your food concerns with Feasta and enjoy your day without frills.

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